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Safety Training Insurance Carlsbad CA With access to over 50 A-Rated Insurance Carriers including State Fund, you are guaranteed to receive the lowest industry rates for your policies. Our team has 30 years of product knowledge and experience in Commercial Insurance with a goal to be a one-stop shop for all of your business and risk management needs. What is Excess Liability Insurance? Excess Liability Insurance offers additional coverage limits in excess of the underlying liability policy What is covered by Excess Liability Insurance? Excess Liability Insurance provides financial protection and increased policy limits if you file a claim that exceeds the limit of your underlying liability policy. It is similar to having another insurance policy on top of your of existing coverage. For example, if your general liability policy has coverage limits of $2 million and you face a claim of $2.85 million, you and your business would be responsible for the $850,000 that exceeds your general liability limits. If you had an excess liability policy of $1 million on top of your existing general liability coverage, this would cover that additional $850,000 loss and keep you financially protected Excess Liability is a cost effective way for small businesses to increase the limits of their underlying coverage for any claims that might exceed their primary coverage. It is primarily used on general liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance (professional liability).

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