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About activities

Note: "activities" were previously called "projects" on our site, and updates to this language change are in process! They refer to the same thing.

Want to work with Open Humans members? You can get started immediately. It's completely free!

Projects have powerful features that enable you to build a variety of research studies and more.

  • Get data access
    Looking for data? Members have a variety of data that they're ready to share! Invite members to share data with you. Data is immediately available via API, and you'll have ongoing access to updated data.

  • Work with members
    It's not just data access – it's member access!

    For research you often want to build on data – ask a new question, examine data from a new angle! Projects are able to interact with their members via member ID. You can share a survey, send reminders, and share updates with your members.

  • Add new data
    Projects can also be data sources – they can load data into member accounts!

    Are you a data holder? A researcher that wants to share data with your participants? With our API tools you can enable data export for your users, return data to participants, and build apps that add new data sources.

Project features work immediately! Up to twenty users can join your project, enabling you to test all features before you're ready to deploy it.

On-site or OAuth2?

There are two different types of activities you can set up, depend on how authorization and enrollment occurs.

On-site projects

An on-site project may be appropriate if...

  • You just want something simple.
  • You have limited technical resources.
  • You're NOT running a phone app or website with accounts.

OAuth2 projects

An OAuth2 project may be appropriate if...

  • You're running an accounts-based website or phone app.
  • You have a pre-existing project.
  • You're technically inclined.

Creating new projects

Please create an account or log in to create a project.

Project Grants

Do you have an idea for a project that will help grow the Open Humans ecosystem?

You might qualify for a grant of up to $5000 supporting your work!

Learn more about project grants